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Be Bike Friendly Courses offer the best in Bicycle information. Our courses are all meant to help enable your career. Our Road Course Design curriculum provides you with tools and best practices that help you reduce possible injury on your rides and save you time and money with you special event. Our Bike Facility Professional Certification helps you differentiates yourself and adds one more reason your community deserves a Bike Friendly designation.

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Certified Road Bike Route and Race Course Designer
Bike Route Designer and Event Professional Course - The Safe Bike Ride *NEW*
Race Course Designer - Coming Soon
Bike Route Designer and Event Professional Test and certification

Bicycle Friendly Professional (BFP)
Foundation Class *under development*
Engineering and Planning Part 1 *to be launch in the spring*
Engineering and Planning Part 2
Engineering and Planning BFP Test 1

Bike Friendly Programs Class
Bike Friendly Programs Test 2
Enforcement Class
Enforcement BFP Test 3
BFP Certification Criteria submission

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