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What is Certification?

Certification is the affirmation of a specialized skill-sets or knowledge area coupled with an experience base for practitioners in a particular field. Obtaining a certification provides a declaration of an individualís professional competence. This declaration provides the employer, the public and peers a way to recognize a competency of a particular skill. Certification enhances the employability and career advancement of the individual or employee.

Many organizations in todayís competitive market have realized their workforce is their most valuable asset. Certifications is one of the ways your organization can raise its recognition level. Grant funding and community recognition look for uniqueness in organizations and a BFP certification is one way to show that uniqueness.

Many benefits of certification include:
  • Higher compensation
  • A more productive and better trained workforce
  • Competitive advantage over non-certified individuals
  • More job opportunities
  • Less re-work
  • Protection of the general public from bad practices
  • Establishment of standards
  • There are currently two certification tracks at Be Bike Friendly. Bicycle Route Designer and Event Professional and the Bike Facility Professional. Certification is completed by completing the required coursework and passing the necessary tests.

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