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Race Course Class is in development

Be Bike Friendly Courses offer the best in Bicycle information. Our race course class is meant to help enable your career and save your organization money. Our Race Course Design curriculum provides you with tools and best practices that help you reduce possible injury during your race events and save you time and money. Are you sure your event will be the safest it can be? WIll people return and tell their friends or will they never race that route again?

Our classes give you the insight into how to design a race course that is safe and enjoyable for all competitive levels. We offer experience gained from multiple organizations so you don't have to make the same mistakes. Don't have an opening in your schedule? Sign up for the class and watch it on your own time then complete the test and see if you pass. A score of 75% or better earns you the race course certification. If you want this class to be offered sooner rather than later please contact us via our contact page and let us know.

Sign up for our non-race course bike route and event class.

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