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Be Bike Friendly’s staff is enthusiastic, motivated and we practice what we preach. We drive the knowledge that individuals need to become a Bike Facility Professional. There is a national recognition program that helps promote cities, universities, and companies to become more bike friendly and change for the better. Better quality of life, better use of community assets, better policies, better health, better rankings and recognition with positive economic impact, these all are benefits of becoming bike friendly. But the people working in the transportation and enforcement organizations that are developing the transportation projects have no training in the essentials of bicycle facilities; engineering, planning, enforcement and experieince because it isn't taught in the universities.

Our Journey:

Eric Broadwell worked hard to change many local projects in the Atlanta, Georgia area, mainly Roswell, and began to network with others across the country and concluded that many were facing the same dilemma. A project would be designed and ready to begin with no bicycle considerations being given. The public would discover the project at a time much too late to be effective in making the correct changes. The idea that instead of fighting each project as it was discovered, it would be great to have the engineers and planners trained before they started a project. Eric, being a consultant and engineer, knew of many professional certifications and witnessed first hand as his consulting firm helped evolve a certification program in the IT industry. Being a certified manager and certified project manager, the idea evolved to create a professional certification for transportation engineers, planners, landscape architects and enforcement officers. Thus the idea was born and Be Bike Friendly came to be.

As the communities in the US are changing to be more family friendly, cycling was realizing a new growth with famous American Tour de France riders waking up the masses to rekindle that love of the bicycle, gasoline hitting $5.00 a gallon, Ray LaHood announcing the policy to include bicycling in every federally funded transportation project. The snowball is growing and continues to grow as gasoline again begins its hike to $5.00 a gallon, Be Bike Friendly.


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